How to Administer Your Own eMinima Web

Any registered member who is given admin privileges can do the activities described below. Better yet, get your own site for as low as P1,500 per year! You can share the cost with your co-teachers or let your school pay for it.

Creating Your Own Banner

To change banner, upload a new header_bg.jpg to the css folder. The recommended banner height is 90 px and width is 780 px.

The site title is set in the admin settings, but the title that shows up in the banner is taken from css/title.txt, and the caption is taken from css/title_caption.txt.

  • To change the values of title and caption, upload new title.txt and title_caption.txt into the css folder. Make sure that each file contains only one line of plain text.
  • To hide these values so that the admin-settings title can be shown, delete the files title.txt and title_caption.txt in the css folder, or upload blank files with the same file names.
Adding Members to Your Site

Invite your co-teachers and students to register in the site by clicking on "Login" and then on "Not registered?". After they have registered, you can administer the users, such as upgrade teachers to editors (or to admins), delete/add users, or change passwords.

Don't forget to change the admin's password by clicking on the "profile" link at the bottom of the page (the "profile" link is visible while the admin is logged in).

Comments by Members

Ordinarily, any reader of the site can post comments, but the admin can enable only registered users to post comments - this is the present rule.

Whether comments are shown directly or first approved for display is also set in the admin settings.

The writer of an article can also allow or disallow comments under his/her article.

If the registered users are students, then they can interact with the teacher through their comments.

Upgrading Members

A registered member can be upgraded by the admin to editor, super-editor or admin. An editor can post articles, a super-editor can edit others' articles, and an admin can help administer the site.

Have fun!

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